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Advancing Tradition

Tradition and technology have had a long and comfortable marriage at Old Town. In 1898 we built our first wood-and-canvas canoe, a more durable, lower maintenance improvement on the Native American birch bark canoe that was its inspiration. We did the same thing with the kayak in 1940, rendering the traditional seal-skin design in more durable wood-and-canvas.

The same spirit of innovation led us to introduce lightweight fiberglass versions of our kayaks and canoes in the 1950s and '60s. And it has continued into the 21st century, as we continually strive to advance the art of paddling through better designs and lighter, more durable materials, like today's three layer polyethylene and three layer Superlinear.

As much as we look ahead, though, we always keep one eye on the past, continuing to be inspired by the best of classic boat-building traditions.

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Paluski Boats Limited was started in the early 1980's as a custom manufacturer and repair facility of recreational and racing sliding seat rowing shells. The original company reflected the interest of former national team oarsman, Graham Wilkins, who worked to create a broader interest in recreational rowing in Canada. Pat Smith joined the company in 1985 and brought with him extensive fiberglass and kevlar laminating experience. In 1987 Paluski Boats moved to larger facilities in Lakefield, Ontario and broadened its product offerings to include canoes and kayaks. Graham and Pat designed and built a range of lightweight performance canoes and kayaks in both fiberglass and kevlar laminations. Paluski Boats acquired its first rotomolding machine in 1989 and started building a new style of more durable and less expensive recreational kayak. The rotomolding process with its design and cost advantages was transferred into the production of both canoes and kayaks. The Spirit was the original kayak manufactured using this new technology and Paluski added the Ripple and the sit on top version of the same hull shape the Rascal using hull shapes that had previously been manufactured by Paluski in fiberglass. The 16 Fastwater mold was patterned after a prospector shaped hull that Paluski had manufactured for a number of years in fiberglass and kevlar while the Adirondack canoe shape was patterned after the popular recreational canoe shapes that had been developed for the United States paddling market. Paluski produces two Adirondacks; the 12.5 foot square stern and the conventional 14 foot canoe. The Passage canoe is a wide, stable, easy to paddle canoe that was added to the line of Paluski canoes to answer the needs of the large paddling families and the rental industry. In 2002 Paluski acquired the equipment and technical knowledge to use laminated polyethelene. in their manufacturing process resulting in boats that were lighter and stiffer. 1n 2003 acquired the aluminum molds for a new touring kayak, the Explorerand the two ocean kayaks, the Swell and the Rogue, as well the white water Mammoth. These new boat designs have now been combined with the polyethelene laminating process to build the 3 different models of canoe and 8 different kayaks. In 2004 Paluski Boats acquired the equipment, molds and assets of Valley Paddles originally of Newmarket, Ontario. Sold under the Valley and Wavelength trade names Paluski Boats could now offer its customers a full line of economy, recreational and performance canoe and kayak paddles. Over the years Paluski Boats has worked with other corporate partners providing a full range of accessories and equipment needed by outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor industry. Andy Keniston of AJK Canoe Parts of Toronto, Ontario supplies Paluski with all of the ash canoe seats, handles, yokes and other equipment needed to outfit Paluski's canoes. Glenn and Kathy Parlee, owners of Parlee Outdoor Gear, from Milton, Nova Scotia have supplied Paluski with all of the soft good accessories required to manufacture Paluski's kayaks. Parlee also offers a full range of canoe and kayak accessories. Parlee also handles distribution of the complete Paluski line of canoes and kayaks in Atlantic Canada.

A number of years ago Paluski Boats determined that they needed a better quality of fitting and equipment for their canoes and kayaks. Precision Marine Products brought over 40 years of experience to the design and manufacture of quality injection molded and extruded parts and PMP has worked with Paluski to provide a range of well designed can and kayak equipment that will withstand the roughest treatment.

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